About us

Bali Camping Community was designed as a Family Camping Weekend, but it is so much more. This is a Learning Experience immersed and surrounded by Nature and Animals that is Adventurous, Cultural, Spiritual and most importantly Fun. Calling this a Camping Trip is missing the point.

This is a Bonding Opportunity for you and your Child that is also a Hands-On Learning Lab for practicing the 5P’s. Planning-Preparation-Process-Problem Solving and Play. Connecting with Nature has always been important for people however in the Digital Age it is more important then ever. Strengthening and reinforcing your relationship with your Child is always important and this is an incredible time and place to do that.

Planning the trip is an opportunity to think and dream together. Preparing your supplies and special needs before the trip is a chance to practice forethought and thoroughness. Setting up the camp and tents and making fires is great for learning and implementing a Process for Success. Unexpected things will happen, and situations will arise where your child will get a chance to Problem Solve and make decisions and implement them. Most importantly you and your child will be in a group of like-minded people who want to live and play.

We will Hike through the fields, visit a local farm with cows’ chickens and baby pigs. The Monkey Forest is a Cultural and Adventurous trip that will make memories forever. The River Challenge will never be forgotten and change your views on beauty and strength. The Bonfires at Night are relaxing and silly under the light of a million Stars. The final excursion on Sunday to the Water Temple will give a glimpse into the deep Culture and Spirituality of Bali, this place we are lucky to call home. Your Child will have an experience of a Lifetime that you will have given and shared with them. Take this weekend and give yourself this gift of special time spent with the most special person in your life. Join us and make Memories together!